Reviews Policy

We believe reviews should be genuine, original, relevant and useful to others. Reviews should not be malicious, offensive or deliberately harmful.

Over 1.5 million people use our site every month to find and compare clinics. The reviews people share are really important to others who are trying to choose a clinic.

How does it work?

  • 1. Write your review. Reviews with pictures are the most popular.
  • 2. Verify your review. You’ll get a phone-call and an email. Your review will be passed for moderation which can take three to five working days. Until you verify your review, its overall score will not be included in the overall clinic rating.
  • 3. All reviews are moderated. Your review will only be considered for publication if it meets review guidelines.

These are the guidelines for our reviews:

If your review does not meet the following review policy guidelines, it will not be published. WhatClinic.com also reserves the right to remove, without notification, any review at any time for any reason.


  • How do we ensure reviews are genuine? We call and email every new reviewer. We use two different means to verify the author. We call every single person to confirm that they did leave a review. We also email them and ask the reviewer to confirm the review by email.
  • When we have confirmed the email and/or phone number of the reviewer, we mark this review as ‘verified’. Only verified reviews will be used to calculate overall clinic ratings.
  • We spot check reviews to make sure they are not being left by clinic staff or by the staff of other clinics.
  • Only genuine patients can leave a review for clinics listed on our site. If you were not a genuine patient, and there is no record of you contacting a clinic through our site, your review may be deleted.
  • You cannot write a review on behalf of someone else, but if you feel there is special circumstances you can email our reviews team and ask for assistance.


  • We’re all fans of recycling at Tophairlossclinic, but not when it comes to reviews! If your review has been published somewhere else, we don’t want it.


  • There are a few basic things that are relevant to most people reading reviews. What treatment or treatments did you have at that clinic? Why were you looking to have this treatment? Other relevant information includes price. How much was your treatment, and overall was the treatment worth it.


The best reviews tell people the story behind the treatment. They share things that you can’t learn from a brochure or an ad. A good review is the next best thing to visiting a clinic and tells us:

  • What treatment did you go for?
  • How was your experience?
  • Overall were you happy with the treatment?
A photo is a great way to make a review more useful, and more interesting!

Review & feedback guidelines:


  • 1. We cannot publish claims about the accuracy of a clinic’s treatment and diagnosis. Those are factual matters, and to verify them would require extensive medical studies.
  • 2. The review cannot be defamatory in any way.
  • 3. Allegations of criminal activity or medical negligence should be reported to the proper authorities. We have no authority over clinics listed on our site.
  • 4. If there are any current legal proceedings between the reviewer and the clinic we will not publish the review as this can interfere with those proceedings.
  • 5. The review must relate to a treatment you have had at the clinic in question.
  • 6. We cannot include hearsay in a review. Hearsay is any information which cannot be substantiated, for example, the report of another person’s words.
  • 7. You must be over 18 years old to leave a review.
  • 8. You must have been a patient at the clinic yourself and undergone the treatment being reviewed yourself.
  • 9. A legal guardian may leave a review on behalf of a patient however no personal information about the patient that could lead to them being identified, either directly or indirectly, can be included in the review.
  • 10. You are publishing a review and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is accurate and not misleading as posting false information can have legal ramifications, whether the review is positive or negative in tone.
  • 11. You are reviewing your treatment at the clinic in question, not any individual at the clinic. Specifically, there should be no personal insults or accusations in your review.


  • 1. The review should not include any contact information.
  • 2. The review cannot mention staff members by name, only the business.

False reviews

  • 1. We do not permit false reviews.
  • 2. Clinic owners are not allowed to write or encourage associates or staff to write reviews.
  • 3. False reviews will be deleted and the clinic in question may be removed from Tophairlossclinic.com’s listings.
  • 4. We have numerous automated and manual security features such as IP tracking and geo-coding that helps us find and delete false reviews.
If your review breaks any of these guidelines it will not be published. Tophairlossclinic.com reserves the right not to publish any review for any reason it wishes, or to delete reviews without notification.

Your Privacy

When you write a review, we will display only your first name and city. Your verification details (full name, email, phone number and country details) are stored safely and securely and will never be displayed to the public. We reserve the right to call, email or text you to verify details, or to ask for more information, to improve the quality of the review.


We call and email all reviewers to verify that they are indeed genuine. We may also follow up for more information by phone or email. We will publish reviews that meet our review guidelines even if they have not been verified, however the overall score from that review will not be included in clinic ratings or awards criteria.

tophairlossclinic.com Liability

All reviews and ratings are subjective opinions of visitors to Tophairlossclinic.com and not of Tophairlossclinic.com. Tophairlossclinic.com will take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that all reviews published on the Site meet our Review Guidelines. Tophairlossclinic.com reserves the right to not publish any review or remove a review if we believe it violates our Review Guidelines. Tophairlossclinic.com treats review content equally for all listings, whether they are a free or paid listing. Tophairlossclinic.com makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, legality or safety of any of the Site content, including reviews, ratings and comments. Tophairlossclinic.com disclaims all liability for any indirect, special, incidental, reliance, or consequential damage to reputation, business interruption, or loss of profits caused by the Site content.

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