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Started by Ntinbo, Feb 06, 2024, 06:22 PM

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Good evening everyone, my name is Konstantinos, 35 years old. I am the lucky winner of the contest held by tophairlossclinic.com a few months ago, and I was given the opportunity to travel to Spain with the provision of plane tickets. Lucky? I hope so because I found a slot relatively quickly at the end of November with Dr. Lorenzo. No need for introductions, I think, as this doctor is well-known in the forum. I literally studied a lot and realized that I didn't know what condition I was in. So, I chose to go to a top doctor rather than risk it, as I wanted to limit the potential dupa/bupa situations. I've been using finasteride only, 6 months before the surgery and continuing with 1mg/day. Fortunately, there is no such issue, quite the opposite, so I'm relieved in that aspect. Initially, we planned a two-day surgery for 2600 grafts, but then the doctor added another 200. A total of 2800, and according to the doctor, we are going to close it all in one go without needing a second session, obviously continuing the treatment. I was surprised because I thought I would need well over 3,000 grafts, but here we are to see. Essentially, 1,800 grafts were inserted in the crown area and the remaining 1,000 in the front. Everything said about the doctor's character and professionalism is true. He shows confidence and inspires trust. Of course, in the end, they shave the groom, so the final result remains to be seen. The hours were long, especially on the second day, which was quite uncomfortable. 7:30 AM on the first day with the extraction starting an hour later and finishing at 12, then after a break, insertion, lunch break, and back in again if I remember correctly. We finished around 6 PM, returned to the hotel, and repeated the next morning. The second day was the same as the first, but we finished at 4 PM because there was only one other surgery that day, so back to the hotel and then washing the next morning, instructions, and back again. The only time I felt pain was during the anesthesia; it felt like my hairs were being plucked out, an unpleasant sensation, but that was it. 1300 grafts the first day, the remaining 1500 the next. The graft ratio was around 2.76/graft. Maybe I forgot something, but here we are to discuss it.

very neat job. The placement looks excellent in terms of the angle and direction of the grafts. If I can find a negative, it relates to the lack of a "jagged" hairline and the pronounced triangle made in the hairline but that is purely subjective

It looks great! keep us informed!

Hello Konstantinos,

Congratulations on your procedure with Dr. Lorenzo and winning the contest! It's great to hear about your positive experience and that you're in good hands with Dr. Lorenzo, whose reputation certainly precedes him.

The graft ratio of 2.76 per graft is impressive and should contribute to a promising outcome.

Looking forward to seeing your results. Feel free to keep us updated!


Hello,thanks for the support!well here is the results after 4 months.it started to be more visible and that's really nice.the crown area looks pretty good for now ,I have still some concerns about the front line but we have to wait to see.Any comments or anything need to discuss I am always available. Be in touch !