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Started by Freediver, Sep 09, 2023, 10:24 PM

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I'm in search of a reputable hair transplant clinic in Europe, preferably one that conducts only 1 or 2 procedures daily. I want a personalized experience and am willing to invest between £3000 to £4500.  I am prepared to pay more for quality. Another concern is the extent of my hair loss. I've kept it short for a year, but I'd love to restore it if feasible. Any advice would be appreciated.

Europe has lots of good hair clinics. I got mine done 2 years ago and I'm happy with it. It's a good idea to check out reviews and maybe chat with folks who've had it done. Some clinics even give you a list of people you can talk to.

Αre you thinking of any country in particular?I did my HT in Greece with very good results

I live in Italy. Can you suggest any good clinics there?

Dr. Vincenzo Masullo is well-regarded and fits your budget. I recommend sending him a quote and your photographs.

Thanks, can you share any experiences you have with these doctors and their clinics:

Pekiner, Erdogan, Lorenzo, Freitas

If anyone has had a transplant with these doctors or knows someone who did, I really want to hear how it went, the care they received, and if you're happy with the results. Also, if it's not too much trouble and you're okay with sharing photos of before and after, that would help me a lot...

I think about the price, but more important for me is how good and lasting the results are.

Grazie mille for your help!

Hi man, I can't advise but I want to share my experience with Civas Clinic. It had a good reputation and the price was right.

They arranged a taxi and hotel for me in Ankara, and everything was comfortable. Dr. Civas was really nice and spoke good English. We decided on doing a surgery with 3150 grafts. The surgery went well and the team took good care of me, even though I couldn't talk much with the nurses because they didn't speak English.

It's been 2 months since the surgery. The place where they took the hair from looks normal, and the new hair area is healing like it's supposed to. It's still early, but I think it's going to turn out great. I really recommend Civas Clinic if you're looking for good work at a good price.