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Started by Admin, Sep 09, 2023, 07:41 PM

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1. The following operating rules apply to ensure the smooth conduct of discussions on the forum of tophairlossclinic.com.
2. The rules below pertain to the use of the forum.
3. Registering and participating here implies full acceptance of these operating rules.
4. Those seeking help on the forum are obliged to describe in detail what they want, to facilitate understanding for others.
5. In product discussions on the forum, fanaticism should be avoided.
6. Informed opinions are valuable, while statements like "It's this way because I say so..." are considered bad behaviour and are not accepted.
7. In the forum and throughout our community, our members have the inherent right to express themselves freely, provided they do not use aggressive language, insults, or sarcasm.
8. Everyone has the right to an opinion, regardless of their age or qualifications.
9. Writing an entire text in capital letters is not allowed.
10. On the Internet, writing in capitals means shouting.
11. The use of bold characters throughout the text is not allowed.
12. Use bold only for words you want to emphasize as important.
13. Advertising products and services in signatures and posts is prohibited.
14. Posts with direct or indirect advertising intent will be deleted.
15. Publishing personal data of third parties (such as phone numbers, email addresses, or postal addresses) on the forum without their consent is prohibited.
16. In our community, we respect the law; therefore, we neither provide nor request information and links for pirated software, movies, music, TV shows, or pornographic content.
17. The username and avatar that members choose for use on the forum and site should not be provocative or offensive to other members.
18. Administrators have the right to change any offensive username or avatar.
19. Images used in our signatures should not exceed 500×200 pixels and 30Kb.
20. Otherwise, administrators have the right to remove them.
21. Do not post without a good reason or if you have nothing substantial to say.
22. Meaningless posts will be labelled as "spam posts" and will be deleted.
23. Moderators are responsible for the smooth operation of the forum and are available for any problems that arise.
24. Remember, they are forum members volunteering their services.
25. If a member has objections to a moderator's intervention, they should send a private message or report the issue to the site administrators.
26. Before making any post to ask something, use our site's Search function, as the answer to your question might already exist in an older query from another member.
27. Remember that other site users are NOT obliged to answer you, and not all topics have immediate answers.
28. Check your message for any errors that might distort its meaning.
29. DO NOT post additional messages to change something you missed.
30. Simply use the "Edit" option to correct your message.
31. The IP address you use is recorded, and creating multiple accounts by the same user is not allowed.
32. Violators of this rule will be banned from the forum.
33. If you copy text or excerpts from another site or source, you must cite the source and provide a link to it.
34. The handling of any violation of the forum rules is always at the discretion of the forum's administrators and depends on the severity of the offence.
35. Although the administrators and moderators of tophairlossclinic.com try to remove all messages that violate the forum's rules, it's impossible to read all messages.
36. All messages express the views of their authors, and neither the owners of tophairlossclinic.com nor anyone else from the site management team can be held responsible for the content of any message.
37. The administrators of tophairlossclinic.com always reserve the right to remove, modify, move, or close any topic for any reason.