My hair transplant experience

Started by salamander2023, Oct 13, 2023, 10:24 PM

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Hey everyone,

Been thinking 'bout getting my hair sorted for ages. was a lifesaver, guiding me through all the confusing bits. They didn't do the op, but they sure helped me find the right spot.

The man behind the magic was Dr. Gounnaris from Seneca. He implanted around 3,000 hairs. It's only been a few months, but I'm liking what I see. Got a pic here for y'all to check out.

Big props to for the emotional backup. Had a bit of a puffy eye for some days after, but it's all good now. Trying to stick to minoxidil, but dang, it's hard to remember every day!

Heard the full result shows up in about 10 months. Anyone here got the full look sooner?

Cheers for letting me share. Any tips or thoughts from you guys?

forgot to upload the photo

Hey there, I actually saw almost the final result around the 7th month after my hair transplant procedure. However, I believe this varies for each individual. Good luck with your result!

By the way, are you on any other treatments like vitamins or finasteride?

I am nearly five months post-hair transplant and I am seeing improvements. I stopped using minoxidil as I lack the discipline to continue its use.

Your hair looks amazing. Do you have any before pics?

Thank you, BaldNoMore. I've received some photos from the clinic. Could you recommend a shampoo for dry hair?

I am using Nioxin and works well. You can buy it from Amazon at a low price.

hey salamander, any update?
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